Open up the possibilities while increasing privacy with office privacy walls.

When you want to create a separate space in your office or home but do not want the hassle, mess, or expense of a complete renovation, privacy walls from The Sliding Door Company can provide the perfect solution. Not only will a privacy wall allow you to get creative with your available space, but you will be able to do so with incredible style, preserving or creating the unique décor that you desire while allowing for the free flow of light that enlivens your space.


Create a nook or
a whole new room — Privacy Screen.

Whether you are looking to create a cozy reading nook, a break room for employees, or an extra storage space, a privacy screen provides you with the opportunity to recreate a space to serve whatever needs you may have. Plus, the incredible glass options provided by The Sliding Door Company mean that you can choose a totally see-through screen or opt for more privacy with frosted or even mirrored panes to allow for the exact level of privacy that your space requires. However, even if you choose an entirely opaque option, you may still want to opt for combination clear/frosted glass to allow for the free exchange of light from one space to another.


Privacy Screens — discretion with light.

Researchers have continually lauded the virtues of light and its effect on our moods and well-being. With privacy walls and screens from The Sliding Door Company, you have control over how much light enters a particular room or space, and one of the most fortunate aspects of a privacy screen from The Sliding Company is that if you have a source of natural light in one space, you can allow that light to flood right into another space, either directly (clear glass) or in a more muted fashion (frosted glass). Plus, the lightweight aluminum frames that hold that glass can be designed to fit with any décor or to make a bold new statement in metallic or wood grain finishes. Privacy walls from The Sliding Door Company can fixed doors that never move or they can easily slide on our smart track system. The choice is yours.


Privacy wall — safety, utility, beauty — all in one.

glass types

And, probably the most important aspect of a privacy wall is the high standard of safety by which it and all of The Sliding Door Company’s products are manufactured. With 5mm tempered glass (even thicker with the laminated glass option), you have the assurance of knowing that your privacy wall will enable you to safely and effectively create the type of space that you need without having to sacrifice beauty or the welfare of those who will utilize the exciting new area.

Get the most out of any space with the elegance of space-modifying home and office privacy walls from The Sliding Door Company. To learn more about our privacy screens and other products, contact The Sliding Door Company. You may also enjoy looking at selections in our online gallery or visiting a local showroom to view a privacy wall in person.

Maintain an open atmosphere without sacrificing privacy.

Like most modern day business owners, you’ve encouraged an atmosphere of collaborative effort among your employees. Consequently, your office space is designed for openness and sharing. Most of the time, form and function meld together seamlessly. However, there are still those times when you need private meeting space. Perhaps you need to discuss personnel matters with an employee. Or, maybe you have a potential client who does not necessarily feel comfortable discussing details within earshot of the entire office. Though you need privacy at certain times, you don’t want it all the time. That is why The Sliding Door Company offers privacy walls that not only provide you with a sequestered space when you need it, but that can also be installed so as to be easily opened when you wish to return to a more open setup.

Regardless of the levels of privacy that you need or how frequently you may need them, privacy walls can be arranged into various configurations to function when you need complete and total privacy, when you just need a separate space to work through details of a project with another employee, or when you need office-wide teamwork in a wide-open space.
   The Sliding Door Company has elegant and stylish privacy walls to meet your every need. You can make the fullest use of all of your available office space without having to sacrifice the sleek and beautiful décor that you have worked to fashion in your office space. Whether you are looking for an immovable, fully framed, opaque privacy wall or a barn door with transparency, The Sliding Door Company has just what you need in the way of privacy walls.

Privacy walls from The Sliding Door Company provide you with endless opportunities for both functionality and stylish elegance. To learn more about privacy walls and other available office space improvement products, contact The Sliding Door Company. You may also enjoy looking as some of our selections in our online gallery or visiting a local showroom to view our products in person.

Glass Types

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Frame Finishes

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