Office Partitions, Commercial Office Partitions and Glass Partitions Enhance Corporate Culture

Though office space is at a premium and monthly expenses associated maintaining an office, Sliding Door Company’s suite of office partitions, commercial office partitions and glass office partitions save time and money while creating ambiance that works with your square footage.

Our products marry form and function seamlessly, creating an environment that enhances your corporate culture with innovative conference room designs, floor plans and flexible office partitions. Employees and clients are delighted by an unforgettable experience.

For example, when you need employees to have privacy while they work, our commercial office partitions and glass partitions afford that ability, while sustaining delightful elegance and more natural light. With Sliding Door Company, you get high functioning partitions and exquisite design, and an added benefit, our office partitions can be easily reconfigured to section off a conference room, or any other section of your office.

Whether you are planning a private event, meeting, presentation, or need a wider office plan, our commercial office partitions open up, allowing for both privacy and collaborative work spaces. Flexibility enables employees to pool creative energy or have uninterrupted privacy. This is especially useful during crunch time and impending deadlines.

Depending upon the style of glass you choose, milky, laminated, frosted, linen, and combo glass, clear, smoked, smoked and frosted, or black glass, in addition to multiple finishes and frame designs to choose from, you can select glass office partitions that are entirely transparent or more private. All of our glass office partitions allow natural light to flow throughout your office space. With so many finishes and frames to choose from, you can find something that best represents your corporate culture and office aesthetic.

Learn more about our stylish office partitions, commercial office and glass partitions. Peruse our online gallery.Contact us to learn more about our products. Please visit one of our localshowrooms. Below, you’ll see various levels of glass transparency to choose from, finishes and frames. Watch our videos,Office Remodel and Office Partitions Installation.

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