Commercial Freestanding Office Dividers & Glass Office Dividers

Companies are on a budget, something Sliding Door Company understands, which is why our freestanding office dividers and glass office dividers are affordable and beautiful. Create workspaces that keep your space partitioned while still maintaining an open plan. Our freestanding office systems allow for various levels of transparency in glass, width and height. In fact, the flow of natural and artificial light is both artistic and creative.

Gone are the days of burlap, beige cubicles. Today’s employers and employees want to feel connected, and work in an office that feels spacious and inviting. Be proud trotting new clients through your well-appointed office.

Though office space is at a premium, our commercial freestanding office dividers and glass office dividers are not. Rather, they empower companies to maximize space, create additional storage rooms, and break rooms, conference rooms, and extra space. Sliding Glass Door Company’s glass dividers are inventive and economical.

What also makes our office freestanding systems so unique is that companies can utilize them in a multiple ways. For example, our glass office dividers allow for meetings in an open area with plenty of space and light. Should you need a private conference area behind closed walls and doors, you can easily adjust your freestanding system to fulfill that requirement. Our products are specifically designed on tracks, allowing for privacy and transparency, and always sleek and professional. We also offer fixed freestanding systems without this option. Flexibility and contemporary designs are a signature aspect of our suite of products.

Freestanding office systems truly maximize any size office space. Remodeling is costly and creates a lot of downtime. For many businesses that isn’t always an option. Additionally, if you have a space that you love, and needs an infusion of renovation and innovation without losing time or money, the cheapest and most attractive commercial freestanding office dividers and glass office dividers are unparalleled products to choose from.

Peruse our online gallery. Contact us to learn more about our products. Please visit one of our local showrooms. Below, you’ll see various levels of glass transparency to choose from. Watch a video from anarchitect’s perspective, and then watchDwell on Design 2011.

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