Create your desired corporate look while preserving efficiency.

Nothing can deflate employee morale as quickly as reporting to a boring drab cubicle for work every day. However, as a business owner who is trying to responsibly maintain the bottom line, you need to make the most of the office space you have available to you without breaking the budget on costly remodeling. Fortunately, The Sliding Door Company has a solution that will help both you and your employees enjoy the office space and contribute to an effective and efficient work ethic. With freestanding room dividers, an entire system can be configured that contributes to overall productivity without the negative stigma of the now infamous multi-cubicle office stereotype.
   The advantages of freestanding systems are numerous, one of the most important being the ability to create multiple work spaces for your employees via the use of partitions without partitioning out sources of light. Because freestanding systems allow for various levels of transparency in the glass, widths and heights, the flow of both natural and artificial light can be artfully and creatively controlled to create a work environment that is both useful and aesthetic. No more burlap covered

partitions that create a drab and rough looking space. Rather, your employees and clients will walk into a visually appealing space of style that reflects a commitment to high standards and excellence.
   Of course, your space must serve a utilitarian as well as a visual purpose, and freestanding systems answer this need, as well. Because privacy walls are designed to move easily along specially designed tracks, office-wide morning meetings can be held in an open area with plenty of room, and the same space can easily be reconfigured for private conferences behind closed walls and doors in the afternoon. We also offer fixed freestanding systems that will remain in place.
   In the current economy, office space is at a premium. Freestanding systems enable the best use of space possible. Creating additional storage rooms, a needed break area, or an extra office is possible both physically and economically with the options offered by The Sliding Door Company. All of your square footage can be put into service with the creative use of beautiful dividers, partitions, moveable walls, and sliding doors.

To increase your usable office space without the downtime and mess associated with remodeling and renovation projects, contact The Sliding Door Company. The advantages of freestanding systems and other options that are available allow you to choose the exact look that fits your image and your office from glass type and finish to frames and configuration. You can discover some of the options available by perusing the online gallery. Or contact The Sliding Door Company to learn more. You are also welcome to visit a local showroom to view our products in person.


Glass Types

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

Frame Finishes

Choose from 7 stylish frame colors to accomodate your traditional or contemporary interiors.

  • Silver

  • Maple

  • Walnut

  • Wenge

  • Black

  • Charcoal

  • White

Frame Designs

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

  • Solo

  • Triple

  • Quattro

  • Pentagon

  • Tokyo

  • Duo T

  • Continental