Screen Room Dividers

Infinite Options for Creating Space

Screen room dividers from The Sliding Door Company can transform the look and functionality of virtually any space without the hassle of traditional renovation projects and are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to partition space in offices, lofts, large rooms, and other spaces while maximizing the use of space and design possibilities. Our screen room dividers do not sacrifice style for function and can be incorporated into any décor or used to create a whole new look.

Utilizing any of the glass and glass types available from The Sliding Door Company—clear, linen, frosted, laminated, or mirrored—you can customize panels for to create as much openness or privacy you desire from your room dividers.

Some people want to create the sense of two separate spaces while still allowing for the free flow of sight and light from one space into the next. In that case, clear glass or panels of clear glass combined with panels of slightly frosted glass would be perfect for obtaining the look and free-flowing light you desire. If your screen room dividers are being used to create two distinct, separate spaces and more privacy is wanted for each, frosted glass panels can provide privacy. Your glass panels also come with different frame finishes that can be designed with wood grain appearance, a black finish, or or a metal finish, just to name a few.


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