When You Need to Divide a Room Without Committing to a Major Remodeling Job

We’ve all been there … you need to create two or even three separate spaces out of one, but you don’t have the resources available to do so. Whether it is a huge office conference room that needs to be partitioned off into separate meeting spaces or a gigantic family room that now needs to be converted into a smaller den and office, there are times when larger spaces need to be brought down to size without a major overhaul of existing structures. For those times, room divider screens are the perfect answer.


Room divider screens can be used in homes and businesses to create separate smaller spaces. Because some screens can even be movable, utilizing room divider screens does not involved a long-term commitment to only one vision of the room in the same way that a renovation project would. The problem with a remodeling overhaul is that the room has already needed to be adapted once and chances are it will need to be adapted again in the future. Room divider screens enable you to have a cost effective and permanent-for-now way to get what you need from your space without knocking out drywall to get there.


To explore the innumerable possibilities that room divider screens can offer your business or home, visit The Sliding Door Co. to learn about framing and finishing options and about how you can benefit from room divider screens.


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