The Technique Behind Frosted Glass

Frosted glass doors offer a great deal of privacy, while still maintaining the flow of your home or business and letting light come into rooms, even when the door is closed. They are an excellent option for smaller homes where extra light makes the space look and feel better. They are great for businesses, allowing light into what could otherwise be a drab workspace, while still giving employees the privacy they need to work. Of course, these are just two ways to use frosted glass doors; many people choose them for their showers, pantries, closets, entry ways, and bedrooms.

Frosted glass is made using one of two methods – acid etching and sandblasting. Both processes evenly roughen up the surface of the glass, creating a uniform color and smooth surface that still allows light in. Acid etching uses strong acids to cut into the surface of the glass. Typically, this process is used when a design is being etched into the glass. Sandblasting blows tiny, rough particles like sand at the surface of the glass. These particles hit the glass at high speeds causing tiny microscopic scratches to appear on the surface of the glass. Eventually, enough scratches appear that the glass looks like it has been covered in the frost of an early winter morning.


Like a morning frost, frosted glass doors have a delicate beauty that is undeniable. Unlike the frost found in nature, however, when you buy frosted glass doors from The Sliding Door Company, your doors will be around for much more than a morning. Our frames and glass are highly durable and are made to last for years to come.



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