The Room Divider: From 7th Century China to the Contemporary U.S.

If you live in a small space like an urban loft, or if you are trying to decorate your home on a budget, a decorative room divider can be a great help. Though room dividers are becoming more and more popular in sleek, modern decorative style, room dividers actually date back to China in the 7th century AD. These weighty, highly ornate screens were primarily used by royalty. One hundred years later, the Japanese adapted the decorative room divider and began using Shoji screens—light panels that were easy to move. Shoji screens were – and still are – used for tea ceremonies and religious events, and for maximizing space inside Japanese homes. As Europeans discovered the wonders of China and Japan, they brought the style back home with them and created beautiful Asian-inspired room dividers made of wood, leather, silk, and decoupage. In the U.S. today, practical screens are often used in hospitals, offices, hotels, schools, and restaurants. In recent years, the decorative room divider has become an increasingly popular feature in interior design, as well.

Room dividers are an excellent way to maximize space and maintain the flow of your home. They can be used to conceal work desks or storage areas. They can create a temporary nursery for your newborn or give children who share a bedroom a bit more privacy. In an open loft or studio apartment, you can section off your bedroom using sleek, opaque glass. You can even choose a clear glass room divider that opens an entire wall to the outdoors. But no matter what you use it for, a decorative room divider from The Sliding Door Company is sure to add sleek sophistication and modern style to your house, loft, or apartment.



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