Office Dividers Increase Productivity and Collaboration

As a good employer, you not only care about productivity, you care about your employees’ overall well-being, as well. If you are looking for a way to boost both, consider installing an office divider. In today’s workplace, employers are moving away from a traditional office structure with private offices and cubicles. Instead, they are embracing open work spaces with plenty of communal areas. A recent poll showed that by 2015, over three-quarters of all offices in the U.S. plan to use this model. But researchers warn that while there are some benefits to this system, there may be drawbacks, as well.

One of the benefits is that it significantly reduces workplace costs, since workstations for open offices cost about 10% less than those designed for enclosed spaces. Experts say that open offices foster creativity and collaboration, especially in industries like advertising. They also claim that this open format is more attractive to employees in their 20s and 30s, who live a more social lifestyle. However, this trend may not always be a good thing. A 2007 study by the Center for the Built Environment showed that 60% of workers found noise distracting and made it more difficult to work. Another study cited in the Scientific American reported that open office plans increased employees’ blood pressure, conflict in the workplace, and office turnover.


When you purchase an office divider from The Sliding Door Company, however, you get the advantages of both open and enclosed offices. Our dividers are very reasonably priced, so you have the economic advantages of an open office. Also, an office divider from The Sliding Door Company is made of glass, so you get the feeling of open, collaborative space while still blocking out a lot of noise pollution and distraction. Because you can choose from several different types of glass, including clear and frosted, you are able to get as much privacy as you want. If you are looking to increase productivity, encourage collaboration, decrease stress, curb tempers, and reduce employees’ blood pressure, all while increasing the aesthetics of your workplace, an office divider from The Sliding Door Company is the way to go.



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