Mirror, Mirror, on the… Closet?

Most of us are familiar with the traditional bathroom mirror or even a full-length one on the back of a bedroom door. However, closet doors provide a great opportunity to visually expand the space of any room while at the same time providing the discerning dresser the opportunity to check outfits and accessories from every angle.

Let’s face it, closet doors can take up an entire wall in some rooms, and if the room is already small, that’s valuable real estate. Rather than simply losing the space, you can make the room look twice its actual size by installing closet doors covered entirely with a mirror finish. Mirror closet doors will not only make the room look bigger, but they will also increase the lighting in the room by providing reflection points for the light already there.


Probably the best thing about mirror closet doors, however, is the fact that they enable you to check out outfits from just about every angle. Few things are worse than “dressing for success” only to discover later that the hem of your outfit was half-ripped out, but you did not notice because your hemline was not visible in the bathroom mirror. With a mirror finish running the entire height and breadth of your closet doors, such embarrassing moments will no longer be an issue.


To learn more about how you can mirror your closet doors and increase the visual appearance of any room while avoiding embarrassing fashion mishaps, contact The Sliding Door Co. With options available for just about every door dilemma you can envision, The Sliding Door Co. can help you to put your closet doors to the best use possible.


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