Let the Sun Shine In

When trying to create two rooms out of one, most homeowners miss an incredible opportunity to allow for the flow of natural light to penetrate both rooms. Rather than merely erecting a wall or divider to separate the two spaces, interior French doors can create two distinct spaces while still allowing for light to pass from one room to the other.

Most of us are familiar with the use of French doors as a main entrance to a home or even as a way to exit to the back patio. However, more and more homeowners are discovering the advantages of interior French doors. Not only do interior French doors provide the same opportunities that a wall or a divider would in terms of room separation, they can be opened up for those occasions when there is increased traffic flow in the home.

Even when the doors are closed, the opportunities for light to pass through the paned windows of the interior French doors means that both rooms can benefit from natural lighting rather than having to rely upon incandescent or fluorescent lighting alone. Since numerous studies have confirmed both the medical and psychological benefits of being exposed to natural light, interior French doors are an investment not only in your home, but in your physical and mental health as well.

The Sliding Door Co. has numerous options available when it comes to interior French doors. Whether you are looking for a more traditional frame or a sleek modern look, contact Sliding Door Co. to learn more about your options for utilizing interior French doors in your home.


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Thanks to innovative design by The Sliding Door Co., today’s interior French doors come in clear, frosted, laminated, or linen glass with clean, contemporary frames in a variety of finishes and a number of striking designs. We’ve set a new standard, and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices. So when you’re looking to upgrade your home, condo, loft or office, visit HYPERLINK "http://www.slidingdoorco.com/help/locations" \t "_blank" http://www.slidingdoorco.com/help/locations to find a showroom near you, or email HYPERLINK "mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " \t "_blank" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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