Giving Bypass Doors a Second Chance

Giving Bypass Doors a Second Chance

If you grew up with bypass doors on your bedroom closet, chances are you had at least one of the doors jump off the track more than once. Bypass doors are the kinds of doors usually used on closets where on door passes on a track behind the other. Though bypass doors can be a bit temperamental, especially when you are a little kid trying to slide a big closet door, they actually provide many advantages over other types of closet doors.

One of the cheapest options for closet doors, and thus one that gets used by builders quite frequently, is the bi-fold door. The problem with bi-fold doors is that neither the pivot at the top nor the one at the bottom stays in place for any period of time, especially if the door is opened and closed with any sort of regularity. In addition, when opened up, the doors sit within the opening of the closet, taking up valuable space when you are trying to see items inside.

Bypass doors, on the other hand, are not nearly so difficult to maintain. Despite the difficulty that kids can sometimes have with them jumping off of the track, adults are usually able to maneuver bypass doors with relative ease. Another benefit is the fact that each of the doors slides away from the side of the closet that you are trying to access, providing you with plenty of room.

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