French Doors throughout the Centuries

French doors are a staple of classic architecture and interior design. Their symmetrical panels, classical shape, and optional ornate hardware make them an excellent choice for nearly any home – from a small country cottage to a large antebellum-style home, from a large home with a porch across the front to a small, urban apartment with a balcony. Though they come in many different styles, French doors typically follow the same basic design with panes of glass that extend the entire length of the door; usually, these glass panes are grouped together in pairs.

As you probably guessed, French doors originated in France. Though a definitive date is not given to their emergence, they first began to appear during the 17th century. Renaissance architecture was largely influenced by Greek and Roman building styles, so there was a huge emphasis on light. Because of this, the French began putting in large windows that extended floor to ceiling and featured symmetrical panes of glass. Eventually, these large windows evolved into doors opening out onto balconies. French doors were also put into interior rooms to allow more light to enter the space. By the end of the 17th century, the style could be found in England; throughout the next few hundred years, the trend spread across the globe. Today, French doors are just as popular as ever, and when you get French doors from The Sliding Door Company, you are adding a touch of style and sophistication to your home that is guaranteed never to go out of style.



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