French Doors are Perennial Favorites

One of the most exciting ways to add value to your property – both in terms of quality that you can enjoy, as well as in terms of resale value – is to install sliding French doors. Many people love the beauty of French doors and the way that it seems to shimmer as it sheds light throughout its glass panels and into adjacent rooms. Popular for hundreds of years, the traditional French door has been updated by better functional designs. Rather than two doors that swing out and then together again in order to close, many people are opting for sliding French doors that can pull apart and then together, as well as other options.

A French door is, of course, a door that is largely distinguished not only by the fact that it hosts glass panels in its structure, but by the material and design of its frames. Classical French doors were usually made of heavy, dark wood frames that were intricately designed with patterns of figures carved into the wood. Contemporary French doors, however, can be made of numerous different kinds of material, as well as lighter design, and be stylized in ways that meet the criteria of your home’s own natural décor. While you may still opt for a more rustic, country feel through the use of thick and heavy wood framing, lighter and more colorful options may include frames made of other materials, as well as frosted or colored glass that can filter the amount of light that penetrates adjacent rooms in interesting or visually provocative ways.


Installing a French door in your home is not only advantageous in terms of aesthetic quality, but can also be an extremely efficient and functional use of space, as well. This can really benefit a room if your space is small or cramped. Unlike hinged doors, sliding French doors also take up less room and are less invasive, plus they are far more manageable for those who are physically impaired or who use a wheelchair.


Placement of a French door should, of course, optimally take advantage of outside sunlight that is penetrating into the house. This is not always possible, but a French door can take advantage of ambient light, as well, if it is done right. Doors that use colored or frosted glass, as well as laminated glass, may serve to add an additional flair to a room and not be dependent on any light source for its aesthetic quality. In most cases, however it is used, French doors add significant practical and monetary value to a home without going over budget.



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