French Doors Allow Light to Penetrate Every Room

Using interior French doors as a way of allowing both ambient light and light from outside the house to move throughout the rooms is a great way to add aesthetic appeal and value to your home. Not only will you experience a greater quality of enjoyment due to the warming presence of heavy, thick wooden French doors
(if you seek to maintain a somewhat rustic décor), but the doors will actually add monetary value to your property. An interior French door consists of two identical doors in which are inserted multiple glass panels in various designs or arrays. They are usually made of wood but can be constructed of other materials. The idea behind the French door, first popularized in the 17th Century, is to allow light to infiltrate every area of the house, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Often intricately designed, French doors have long been regarded as aesthetically beautiful additions to any property. The Sliding Door Company provides thick, 5 millimeter inch glass for French doors, partitions, windows, and other products, so it is safe and durable. With a large line of products available directly to homeowners, the Sliding Door Company is a popular choice for home builders and interior designers, as well. Glass panels for interior French doors can come in frosted, laminated or linen glass with a choice of stylish frames and a variety of finishes. Interior door designs are state-of-the-art whether you are seeking a rustic décor, a natural contemporary look, or a sleek and chic urbane feel.
Last modified on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 16:39