Flex Walls: Renovation without the Mess or Expense

For those looking to save money, economize space, disguise a utilitarian corner in their homes, or create more privacy in an office, few things are as helpful as a flex wall. A flex wall is a temporary wall that looks permanent but stays up using pressure. This means it does not actually attach to the walls, ceiling, or floor, it is easy to remove, and it doesn’t leave major damage to the existing walls. Despite the fact that it is temporary, however, a flex wall is quite stable and provides the same benefits as a permanent wall.

A flex wall is usually about 4.75 inches thick and extends from the floor to the ceiling, providing maximum stability and privacy. At The Sliding Door Company, flex walls come in frosted glass, glass panels resembling Japanese Shoji, and clear glass panels. You can choose clear glass for optimal light conditions or frosted glass to make private rooms that are still bright and airy. The latter option is perfect in urban lofts or apartments where you are trying to create extra rooms. Because they are prefabricated, they are fairly simple to install, and the process usually takes about four or five hours, although more complex walls will take a bit longer.


A beautiful, versatile flex wall from The Sliding Door Company can create hobby nooks, utility spaces, office cubicles, and even entirely separate bedrooms. Essentially, you are able to renovate your home or office at minimal cost and all in the space of a few hours!



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If you are in the market for a flex wall, The Sliding Door Company provides a wide range of styles to meet your tastes and needs, whether for the home or the office. Thanks to innovative design by The Sliding Door Co., today’s flex walls and sliding doors come in clear, frosted, laminated, or linen glass with clean, contemporary frames in a variety of finishes and a number of striking designs. We’ve set a new standard, and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices. So when you’re looking to upgrade your home, condo, loft or office, visit http://www.slidingdoorco.com/help/locations to find a showroom near you, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.