Many Choices Available to Save Space with Closet Sliding Doors

Various kinds of closet doors are available to help save bedroom space, including hinged, pocket, sliding and bi-fold doors. The main problem with hinged doors is that they take up more space than other solutions when they are opened. On the other hand, they usually allow for full access to the contents of your closet.

When You Need to Divide a Room Without Committing to a Major Remodeling Job

We’ve all been there … you need to create two or even three separate spaces out of one, but you don’t have the resources available to do so. Whether it is a huge office conference room that needs to be partitioned off into separate meeting spaces or a gigantic family room that now needs to be converted into a smaller den and office, there are times when larger spaces need to be brought down to size without a major overhaul of existing structures. For those times, room divider screens are the perfect answer.

Privacy Walls: Because Sometimes, Even in an Open Office, You Need Privacy

Even in offices where collaborative team work is encouraged, and you’ve tried to foster an atmosphere of openness and sharing, there will be times when you need to meet individually with a client or discuss confidential matters with an employee. You don’t want to be sequestered behind the doors of a formal office all of the time, but those moments do call for more intimacy than what an open office setup can deliver. For those instances, a privacy wall can help to provide you with the separate space that you need without isolating you permanently from the rest of the office.

Shoji: It’s Not Just for Japanese Rooms Anymore

Though the shoji divider has long been a mainstay of Japanese architecture, the shoji divider has more than found a home in contemporary Western-style decorating, as well. It’s sleek look and space-saving advantages make it a natural fit for lofts, apartments, or other places where conservation of space is a must.

Barn Door Installations Provide a Beautiful Alternative

Homeowners, architects, and interior designers are increasingly using barn doors as an alternative to meet interior door needs while appealing to an aesthetic that caters to specific consumer desires. Barn doors are more or less adaptable and compatible with many homes. Sliding barn doors take up less space than conventional doors, can exhibit a kind of grand or elegant presence, or can just be fun to have and use, depending upon one’s preference.

Beating the Bad Cubicle Rap

Ever since the movie Office Space, cubicles have gotten a bit of a bad rap. However, not all office cubicles are created equal, and the reality is that not all office cubicles have to reek of institutional gray burlap the way they did in the cult classic movie. In fact, utilizing various levels of transparency, metal framing, and alternate finishes, office cubicles can actually help to contribute towards a sleek and beautiful office décor rather than detracting from it.

Mirror, Mirror, on the… Closet?

Most of us are familiar with the traditional bathroom mirror or even a full-length one on the back of a bedroom door. However, closet doors provide a great opportunity to visually expand the space of any room while at the same time providing the discerning dresser the opportunity to check outfits and accessories from every angle.

The Handy Hidden Pocket Door

Of all the possibilities available when building or remodeling a home, interior pocket doors are probably the most under utilized space-saving delights in the decorating and building world. Besides enabling you to open up a room to the rest of the house, interior pocket doors buy you approximately six to ten square feet of floor space as opposed to a traditional door that requires swing space.

Let the Sun Shine In

When trying to create two rooms out of one, most homeowners miss an incredible opportunity to allow for the flow of natural light to penetrate both rooms. Rather than merely erecting a wall or divider to separate the two spaces, interior French doors can create two distinct spaces while still allowing for light to pass from one room to the other.

Go Green with Glass Partitions

When you are looking to section off portions of a large room in your home or office, many options are available to you. However, among the best options for those looking to “go green” are glass partitions. Not only are glass partitions made from fully recyclable materials, glass also allows natural light to flow throughout the areas that you have sectioned off, reducing the need for electric light and making glass partitions a more sustainable option than many other screening walls that could be installed.