Shoji: It’s Not Just for Japanese Rooms Anymore

Though the shoji divider has long been a mainstay of Japanese architecture, the shoji divider has more than found a home in contemporary Western-style decorating, as well. It’s sleek look and space-saving advantages make it a natural fit for lofts, apartments, or other places where conservation of space is a must.


The traditional shoji was a divider made of translucent paper. Fans of martial arts films are familiar with the shoji divider as the paper wall or door through which many of their action heroes have kicked, spun, or otherwise propelled themselves or a foe from one room to another. Of course, in the West, the modern shoji divider does not utilize paper within its frame, but relies upon plastic, glass, or other more durable materials to allow for light to pass through.


Whether it is used as a wall or as an actual door, the shoji divider is particularly useful because it is made to slide open. Consequently, it can be opened or closed without taking up the additional space required by a traditional swinging door, which normally requires two to three feet of clearance in order to be opened or closed. This space-saving advantage has made shoji dividers a big hit for loft and apartment dwellers who are limited on space. That having been said, the sleek lines of a shoji divider can also appeal to those for whom space is not a particular issue.


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