A Brief History of Glass Making

Glass is an ancient invention, dating back to the Bronze Age, circa 3000 BC, and Egyptian glass beads have been found dating back to about 2500 BC. Modern glass originated in Alexandria during the Ptolemaic period, when artisans first began creating glass mosaics. The Syrians invented glass blowing in the 1st century BC, and this method was used for centuries to make windows and other large glass surfaces. The first clear glass was created in Venice in the 15th century; however, it was not until 1902 that Irving W. Colburn invented the first sheet glass drawing machine, which enabled the production of panes of glass for windows. This invention revolutionized glass making and paved the way for modern glass that you see on windows and glass interior doors.

The glass pressing machine, invented in the 1920s, was the first method of mass producing glass panes, and for decades, glass interior doors were sure to have been made using one of these machines. To do this, molten glass was poured into iron molds before a plunger pressed the glass firmly into the mold. However, the contrast of temperatures between the cold iron and the hot molten glass would cause the cooled glass to wrinkle; this is why windows and glass interior doors in older homes have that old-fashioned wavy look. By the 1940s, however, glass makers learned to heat the molds before pouring in the molten substance, thereby eliminating the wrinkles.


Today, windows and glass interior doors are usually made of float glass. This manufacturing technique was invented in England in the 1940s but not released to the public until 1959. To make float glass, molten glass floats on a surface of molten tin. The result is a brilliantly shining pane of glass with incredible clarity, the perfect type of glass to add beauty and light to the windows and glass interior doors in your home.



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