17th Century Style with 21st Century Functionality

Just as science continues to evolve, change, and advance throughout the centuries, so too, does architecture. Though French doors have been around since the 17th century, modern technology and techniques have allowed designers to utilize this classic style and update it to the 21st century. French sliding doors allow you to embrace the lovely, classic style while maximizing space and maintaining your open, modern floor plan. When you buy French sliding doors from The Sliding Door Company, you are getting even more advanced technology with our patented wheel-to-track locking mechanism that ensures your door will never leave its track. Not only does this track enhance its beauty and functionality, it also makes our doors safer.

At The Sliding Door Company, we further bring this 400-year-old design concept into the modern age with our 5 mm tempered glass and dust prevention strip that comes standard with all of our doors. We also recognize that with innovations of the modern age, came a lot of pollution and damage to our environment; with that in mind, we strive to do our part by making all of our French sliding doors from 100% recyclable material that can be easily cleaned without harsh chemicals.


We offer a large selection of doors, so if you are looking specifically for French sliding doors, check out the “Continental” model, made of eight symmetrical glass panels. Here, too, you can go traditional or modern with a variety of glass finishes including clear, frosted, charcoal, or even black. So whether you consider yourself old-fashioned or a completely contemporary person, with French sliding doors, you will find something to fit your style and personality.



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If you are looking for French sliding doors, check out The Sliding Door Company. Thanks to innovative design by The Sliding Door Co., today’s sliding doors come in clear, frosted, laminated, or linen glass with clean, contemporary frames in a variety of finishes and a number of striking designs. We’ve set a new standard, and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices. So when you’re looking to upgrade your home, condo, loft or office, visit http://www.slidingdoorco.com/help/locations to find a showroom near you, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.