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— benefit from the Bestsellers at The Sliding Door Company.

Whether you are looking for room dividers, closet doors, or you’re interested in new decorating trends that incorporate unique, rustic elements such as interior barn doors, the clear clean lines of aluminum and glass available from The Sliding Door Company make it easy for you to capture a sleek elegance and luxury in any environment.
Forego the solid, opaque walls that can darken and close off a space, and instead, opt for translucent or transparent bestsellers from among the selections of partitions, swing doors, and moving walls that allow light into any area.
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Bestsellers to accent your home.

The Sliding Door Company’s bestsellers make it clear that sliding glass doors no longer need to be consigned to a back porch exit or the shower in the guest bathroom. Rather, glass doors, partitions, and moveable walls can help you to bring a unique and gorgeous flair to your home. Imagine that instead of shutting off your linen closet from view, you instead used the closet itself as a decorative tool. Cleverly displayed linens can create an exciting and enlivening color palette that sits behind a clear glass door, or a frosted door that mutes the colors into a delightful glow to cheer any bedroom.
   In addition to the decorative possibilities, our bestsellers can be used to remodel your home without creating the mess that comes with most home renovations. You can

section off an entire room or create a nook to display high quality collectibles. The light transferring properties of glass mean that your walls and doors will help your home to radiate a feeling of class and elegance without pretension.
    When you want to make the most of your office or home space, the bestsellers at The Sliding Door Company allow you to bring a touch of streamlined elegance to your surroundings at an affordable price. To learn more about how our bestsellers and other products can fuse form and function into a decorative dream come true, contact The Sliding Door Company. You may also enjoy looking at some of our selections in our online gallery or visiting a local showroom to view our room dividers in person.

Take advantage of Bestsellers for your office space.

The cordoned-off office cubicle made of burlap and metal has become the standard stereotype of doom and gloom for uninspired workers who feel like insignificant cubicle dwellers. You can keep morale in the office at an all-time high, however, by utilizing any of The Sliding Door Company’s bestsellers to partition workspaces and other office areas with sliding doors, walls, and dividers that will lend an elegant and stylish flair that enables employees to work.

to their full potential because they are workingin a noticeably positive and professional environment. Plus, your clients will feel a certain confidence in your company when they walk into such well appointed surroundings. Impressed by your extraordinary workspace, potential clients will be more eager to hear about what other innovative ideas and methods that your company has to offer.

Room dividers in an office

Glass Types

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.